Trump Is Now Hanging A Weird Painting of Himself and Former Republican Presidents In The White House

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US President Donald Trump has a “fantasy” painting of himself surrounded by past Republican presidents like Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln hanging in the White House.

The addition to the White House’s art collection was spotted in the background of his CBS' 60 Minutes interview on Sunday.

The Andy Thomas painting, titled "The Republican Club," features Trump and several former Republican presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, and Teddy Roosevelt, chatting around a table.

While many were busy mocking Trump's intense admiration of the fantasy painting, some took note of a blurry-faced woman who appears in the background of this image and "The Democratic Club," a similar painting by Thomas that features Obama seated with Democratic presidents. It turns out the woman was included intentionally to represent a potential future female president.

Thomas specializes in this style of painting — he's made multiple versions featuring past presidents.

Some people on Twitter who weren't admiring the painting took the time to notice some other details seen in the 60 Minutes interview, like Trump's TV remote and massive jar of Starburst candies.


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