Mom Has A Meltdown After Her Child Is Denied To Pet A Group Of Service Dogs In Training

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This scene out of a mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania shows a wild reaction to what has become a fairly typical ordeal for those with service dogs.

These particular dogs happen to be in training, making the mother's reaction even more troubling. There are signs on each dog, patches, and many people all there telling her that her child cannot pet the service dogs.

She would not listen.

Literally Says 'DO NOT PET'

As you can see in the video, the mom in question was not happy with ANYTHING coming from the handlers on the service dog side. We don't get to see how the situation was handled before the cameras started to roll, but we do get a feel that this mother thinks very highly of herself.

Not only does she ignore the clear signs and the handlers, she wants to pick a fight and tell them how it should've gone down.

Don't Like The Way She Said No

One of the more ridiculous comments is that she didn't like how the woman just told her "No" in response to her question about the petting.

Since this is a world where this happens pretty much daily, being told "no" is the kindest way to handle this. It's also the more straight-forward way possible.

Going To Call My Lawyer

And by the end, she's saying it is illegal to film her without permission -- wrong -- and that she will call her lawyers.

The handlers do get one thing wrong here -- though Pennsylvania could be different. It is not illegal to pet the dogs. It is frowned upon and it ruins the training process, but it isn't illegal on its own.

But the potential harassment, interference, and hurt IS illegal. And the way that is defined can vary. So the child petting the dog in the middle of training? Could be trouble. These are not pets. These are medical equipment/workers when that vest is on.


Most of the folks responding to the initial video were quick to call the woman entitled and asked how she managed to come to the conclusions she reached at the end of the clip.

Why Are Kids Better Than Adults?

Others pointed out that even though they didn't have service dogs, they did notice something special. Kids always asked permission before touching the animals, meanwhile, adults did not.

It's strange that we lose that basic component about touching an animal or anything having to do with someone else.


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