Woman Is Demanding $500 DNA Test To Catch The Roommate Who Stole Her $2 Yoghurt Drink

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A Taiwanese student has been charged with theft after her roommate asked the police to carry out a series of DNA tests to find out who had taken her $2 yoghurt drink.

The incident happened at a dorm at Soochow University in Taipei. The victim Zhou lived with 5 girls. Zhou found an empty bottle of her yoghurt drink had been thrown in the bin around Apr 2018.

She confronted her housemates and asked the yoghurt thief to turn herself in but in vain.

Zhou said that the food in the common fridge disappeared frequently. They thought someone broke in, so they installed a cam at the common room. However, the cam got stolen after 24 hours.

After the yoghurt incident, Zhou asked the thief to turn herself in or she will call the cops.

She took the bottle to the police and asked them to open a formal investigation into theft, there were no fingerprints on the wet bottle.

All of her roommates went to police station to report for the case on May 2018. The thief didn't confess, therefore Zhou insisted to use DNA forensics that costs USD$586.

The result is out on June and the yoghurt is prosecuted on Sep. The thief told the prosecutor that she mistakenly drank it and she'd like to sincerely apologize to Zhou, which she didn't do within the period of 5-month investigation.


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