NYC Rat Strikes Again And This Time He's Clinging To Empty Hennessy Bottle

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SNY news anchor Chris Williamson tweeted a bizarre photo of a passed out, or possibly dead, rat clinging to an empty bottle of Hennessy. "Just another day in New York City," the caption read. Willamson later joked that the animal "was drinking away the pain from the Knicks' 18th straight loss."

Willamson told NBC 4 he snapped the picture at around 11 a.m. on Valentine's Day in Bed-Stuy. As of Friday afternoon, the tweet had officially gone viral, garnering more than 2,000 retweets, about 6,000 likes, and a slew of headlines. 

A day before Willamson's post, comedian Patton Oswalt shared a photo of what we assume was the same rat. Oswalt's image showed the rodent in between the Hennessy bottle and an empty pack of Newport cigarettes. The rat's position change led some to believe Willamson had staged the picture—a theory he has since denied. 

Despite the speculative questions, it's clear Twitter users are enjoying Henny Rat.


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