4-Year-Old Accidentally Kills His Pet Fish After Snuggling It All Night In Bed: "I Just Wanted To Pet It"

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Small children are very innocent, and sometimes they have good intentions without realizing what consequences could lie in store. 4-year-old Everett Hamlin loved his goldfish Nemo, so he decided that his aquatic friend would be comforting to snuggle with at bedtime. Tragically, the affection that the little boy had for his flippered friend sent it to an early watery grave.

Apparently, little Everett didn't understand that fish need to be submerged in water in order to breathe and stay alive. Sometimes basic science principles have to be learned the hard way. When Everett's mother Tori went to check on her sleeping child, she found him asleep and cradling the goldfish.

When Tori woke the little boy, he was heartbroken to find out that his beloved Nemo was no more. Tori then had the difficult task of explaining the reason that Everett's love for the fish caused its death.

According to Daily Mail, Everett explained that he got up in the middle of the night and decided that he just wanted to pet his friend, but he didn't understand that his actions could cause harm to the goldfish.

Tori explained that it was a shock to see the kid holding the fish, but then she felt sad for the boy when she realized his actions were motivated by love.

Misunderstandings such as this can be somewhat humorous, even though it caused the needless death of a living creature, but Everett's mom didn't see any humor in the situation.

Tori also recognized that it takes some impressive manual dexterity to take control of a fish and hold onto it in that way when you're only four years old.

Tori speculated that the fish may have grown relaxed around Everett after being in his company for a long time. The little boy enjoyed spending time near the tank to watch his pet fish. The fishbowl was kept in the boy's bedroom because he enjoyed it very much.

The colored lights in the tank were also a factor that piqued the child's fascination. However, to the mother's knowledge, this was the first time that the little boy ever tried to take the fish out of the tank.

When Everett awoke the next morning, he seemed more concerned about the actions that caused his pet's demise than sadness over the passing of his aquatic friend.

Everett promised that he wouldn't touch his next pet fish, but he explained that he should be allowed to touch one if he is out fishing. Everett's mom chalked it up to another life lesson learned.


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