Camera Focused On Bird Bath Captures Incredible Footage Of 30 Hummingbirds

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Summer brings so many great things to life! We get to break out of the winter blahs and get outside to soak up some sun. Cookouts, vacations, and best of all, a little time in the swimming pool. A dip in the pool with friends is something that almost everybody enjoys, but we had no idea how popular it was in the animal kingdom…until we saw this video!

Hummingbirds are amazing birds in any situation. They hover and fly as few other birds can, and they do everything with incredible energy. The flashes of bright, almost metallic color from their beautiful feathers make them an unbeatable spectacle in the summertime.

They also love to eat at the same feeder again and again, often bringing more of their friends at each feeding.

But this video isn’t about suppertime, it’s about playtime. No doubt ready to cool off from a long day of chasing nectar, the hummingbirds stop in at a birdbath that they seem to be pretty familiar with.

The photographer captured an amazing sight—a group of 30 hummingbirds, splashing and playing in a birdbath with all the joy and mischief of a group of kids hitting the pool on the first day of summer.

Spotting a single hummingbird or even a pair is an exciting experience since they move so quickly and are so choosy about what they eat. To see a group this large all at once is nothing short of miraculous, and it really gives you a dose of summer spirit.

You can’t help but wonder if they’re having as much fun as it looks like they’re having and if they are glad to have returned to their familiar home from their winter refuge down south.


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