Famous raw vegan YouTuber gets caught eating meat in restaurant, loses millions of followers

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I’ve made no secret of the fact that I eat a plant-based diet. And while I believe this lifestyle is healthy and sustainable, like everything on my page, I encourage you to research and make the best choice for yourself. But again, I will always tell you the truth. The truth is always best.

However, one of the most famous raw, vegan mouthpieces, a YouTuber with over 3.5 million subscribers, was recently caught on camera eating some meat (you can see the video below, it looks like fish) in Mexico and the vegan community is angry.

After that video was posted, she went from 3 million+ to 2.5 million subscribers in total: 1.9 subscribers on the Spanish version of her channel and 450,000 on her English and other channels.

Not only are people unhappy but they are bashing her for trying to hide the food that was on her plate in the video.

She did attempt an apology video but only after getting caught.


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