Punny Illustrations of ‘Moody Animals’ Will Leave You Paws-itively Smiling

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When you’re feeling low, sometimes all you need is a laugh. And if you love a good pun, Lim Heng Swee’s hilarious illustrations are sure to cheer you up. The Malaysian artist’s series, Moody Animals, personifies cows, pigs, rabbits, and more furry friends accompanied by witty captions.

Swee draws each fed-up-looking animal lazily slumped on the floor in his distinct bold black outline style. From birds to mammals, Swee’s charming character illustrations show that even animals can have their “off-days.” Each drawing is accompanied by the artist’s own handwritten animal pun, which includes an elephant who’s “feeling irrelephant” and a cow who’s just plain “moooooody.”

Although Swee’s characters are having a rough day, the illustrator hopes that his artwork will bring some paw-sitivity to everyone who sees it. He says, “Through illustrations and designs, I hope I’ll be able to doodle a smile on people’s faces.”

You can see more from Swee’s pun portfolio on Instagram and purchase his illustrations as prints and more on Etsy and Society6.

Malaysian artist’ Lim Heng Swee creates hilarious illustrated animal puns.

His moody character illustrations show that even animals can have their “off-days.”


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