These Gigantic Animals Are Unbelievably NOT Photoshopped!

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Sandy is a Flemish rabbit, one of the largest breeds of bunnies and comparable in size of her Sheltie friend!

Flemish Giant rabbits were bred as early as the 16th century in Flanders, Belgium, and typically eat what other rabbits do despite their massive size.

It is not unusual to see a 22-pound Flemish Giant.

Mekong catfish of China can grow up to 10.5 feet long!

These very large fish are critically endangered due to water pollution and overfishing.

As a result, fishing them is currently illegal in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, although the bans seem to be remain ineffective. Mekong catfish are important to Thai folklore, and special rituals are performed and offerings made before they are fished.

This giant kitty is not being held by a little kid!

It’s called a Ragdoll cat, and this fluffy breed can grow up to 20 pounds!

Don’t let the size scare you though, as Ragdolls are known for being gentle and docile pets.

This incredible horse stands at 19 feet tall!

Known as the Percheron supreme world champion, this colossal horse named Moose is a draft horse, meaning that his kind was originally bred for war.

It’d definitely be terrifying to encounter this big guy on the battlefield!

Giant Freshwater Stingrays can grow up to 1,300 pounds...

Sadly they are currently endangered. Found in large estuaries and rivers in Borneo and Indochina, these big fish prey on smaller fish and invertebrates, and give birth to four pups at a time.

The Bismarck Flying Fox of New Guinea is the world's largest bat.

Part of the ancient genus Pteropus, this Megabat (also known as the Great Flying Fox) weighs only three pounds despite its massive size, and is found throughout lowland areas of New Guinea and in the Bismarck Archipelago.

Meet Big Cow Chili, the world's heaviest and tallest cow.

He weighs in at one ton and is six feet tall, but his owners describe him as a gentle giant who loves grazing in the grass and eating treats.

Big Cow Chili is as large as a small elephant, standing at over six feet and weighing over a ton.

Coconut crabs can crush whole coconuts open with their claws!

The largest-living anthropod in the world, coconut crabs live on islands across the Indian Ocean and parts of the Pacific, and can grow up to 9 pounds.
They’re happy to feast on fruit and nuts, but they also won’t turn down a dead animal carcass. Yum!

Nomura’s Jellyfish weigh hundreds of pounds!

No, this is not an alien!

These enormous jellyfish, which can grow to be 440 pounds, swarm the waters surrounding Japan and China, and while are eaten, are not considered a delicacy.

The Chinese giant salamander is the world's largest amphibian.

These big guys can grow up to be six feet long, making them the world’s largest amphibians!

Unfortunately, they are considered endangered due to habitat loss.

The Giant whale shark does not eat people.

Can you imagine a 50-foot long shark swimming towards you?

Never fear, this mega-fish feed mostly on plankton and use their massive mouths to filter food.

The Cinereous vulture is the world's largest raptor.

Weighing up to 31 pounds, these gigantic raptor birds are found throughout Eurasia and have wingspans of eight to 10 feet!

The Titan longhorn beetle is one of the world's largest!

Yikes, that is one big bug!

Titan longhorn beetles are found in the rainforests of South America and are one of the world’s largest types of beetles.

African giant snails spread human disease...

Forget those cute little snails you see in your garden and check out these big papas that can grow up to eight inches long.

The African giant snail is found throughout East Africa and are considered a nuisance as they spread human disease in urban areas.

Japanese spider crabs are a delicacy in Japan.

That’s one big crab dinner. These crazy creatures can weigh up to 41 pounds, reach up to 12 feet in length, and can seriously injure people with their massive claws.


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