Video of Democratic candidates as Michael Scott from 'The Office' is upset tingly accurate.

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The current field of Democratic candidates for president is wide-ranging and refreshingly diverse. While Beto's getting buzz for announcing his run in Vanity Fair and successfully fundraising, a clear frontrunner hasn't yet emerged. As the race heats up - and the Mueller report threatens to cut Trump's presidential tenure short - we're continuously barraged with information about the Dem hopefuls. Amy Klobuchar once ate salad with a comb! Cory Booker's dating Rosario Dawson! Some guy named Pete Buttigieg is also running! It's a little overwhelming.

Luckily, a video's been circulating on Twitter that breaks everything down in terms the layman can understand: 'The Office.' It purports to represent every Democratic candidate using Michael Scott's antics and it does an upsettingly good job.

People can't get enough of it.

No matter what happens in 2020, we'll always have nine seasons (201 episodes!) of 'The Office' to keep us warm at night.


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