Woman buys giant 100-year-old lobster for $220, releases it back into the ocean

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King Louie’ is a 23-pound lobster that was caught in Canada’s Bay of Fundy. It’s one of the biggest lobsters ever caught!

Source: Alma Lobster Shop

Based on the lobster’s size and weight, fisherman estimate that the lobster is over 100 years old!

Source: Alma Lobster Shop

“A lot of people wanted to buy it and mount it,” Catherine MacDonald, co-owner of the Alma Lobster Shop, tells The Dodo. Others wanted to use Louie as a promotional prop for their business.

A local animal lover named Katie Conklin walked into the store and ended up buying the giant lobster with plans to release it back into the ocean.

Source: Alma Lobster Shop

MacDonald ended up selling Louie to Conklin for $230 — a fair market price for a lobster that size.


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