Couple Takes Baby Pictures with Supercharger After Mom Pressures Them for Grandchildren

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This week, car fans Brayden Tomicic and his wife Payton welcomed into the world little baby “Eaton,” who, an astute scientist could argue, is anatomically less of a human and more of a supercharger.

“So not many of you have known this but it’s finally the right time to post this. The last two years Payton and I have been preparing for this moment and finally the time has come,” Brayden’s Facebook post begins. “It’s something I have always wanted but never knew how soon it was going to happen. We have been truly blessed this last year and finally it is here,” the Utah-based photographer continues.

“We would love to welcome this Supercharger into our household! It is going to be whining a lot but can’t wait for all of the fun!”

Below are a handful of deeply strange pictures that will probably make you laugh and feel uncomfortable at the same time:

I talked with Brayden about the photos, and he told me the the whole idea was just a way to get back at his mom. “Honestly the idea came from the my mother pressuring me and my wife for grandchildren, so I thought I would retaliate a little with something for my car since it is my baby,” he said over Facebook Messenger.

The car in which baby Eaton will be spending much of its life is an orange-with-black-stripes 2007 Ford Mustang GT, shown above. Tomicic, who owns South Valley Photography and takes quite a few car photos (check out this sweet Evo), snapped the picture in February. It’s a nice car, and hopefully will keep young Eaton out of trouble.


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