Man called a ‘monster’ for the ‘disturbing’ way he PEELS his McDonald’s nuggets before eating

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A MAN has been branded a “monster” for the “disgusting” way he eats McDonald’s chicken nuggets.
Sameer Jafri, from Louisiana, uploaded an image of his fast food meal and horrified people by admitting he PEELS his nuggets.
In the photo, he shared how he completely removes the batter on the chicken pieces, revealing the bare meat underneath.
And it wasn’t clear what was more tragic, the surprisingly naked-looking nuggets or the pile of discarded shredded coating on the side.
After posting on Facebook, all hell broke loose and many horrified people slammed him for his “disgraceful” McDonald’s habit.
The post was shared nearly 19,000 times, with nearly 5,000 commenting on what has been described as a “monstrous” act.
Some people said they were not only shocked by felt physically ill.
“I’m about to have a stroke,” one man wrote, and another woman exclaimed: “It’s a sin.”
Meanwhile several others declared they were “deeply, deeply disturbed”.
A couple of Facebook users went has far as to say the merciless skinning gave off “serial killer vibes”, and he should be “sent to prison”.
However, there was the occasional person who bravely admitted they also peel their nuggets.
One person chimed in: “I thought I was the only person that did this.”
“See? I am normal!” one person desperately tried to tell their friends and family.
So what do you think? Perfectly acceptable or a criminal act?


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