Pablo Escobar's Brother Wants to Partner Up with Elon Musk

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Pablo Escobar’s brother, Roberto, recently wrote a letter to Elon Musk to request that they start a weed business together called Elon Escobar Drugs Inc.
Failing that, he wants the technology entrepreneur to have a word with Donald Trump so that the president can issue him a pardon, after which Roberto will come to America to ‘make Tesla profitable’.
Yes, this is real life and no, you’re not in a dream right now. The brother of the deceased drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, wrote the letter in an attempt to offer Musk a chance to make amends for the pair’s reported ‘flamethrower beef’.
If, like me, you saw the words ‘flamethrower beef’ and wondered what the hell I was talking about, let me explain. As per Escobar Inc, the company launched the ‘original, official and proprietary’ Escobar Inc Flamethrower on July 11 this year.
However, Roberto claims a Tesla employee stole the idea for this two years ago in 2017 on behalf of Musk – something which the entrepreneur is fully aware of, he claims. ‘I don’t like that you steal from me, it is not right to do in Colombia,’ the letter read, as per TMZ. Roberto has since lowered the price of his flamethrower to $199 in order to be more competitive with Elon’s.
As such, Roberto has given Musk – or ‘smart gringo’, as he lovingly nicknamed him – three solutions which would help put their past behind them and move forward as a formidable team.
One such solution being the duo starting a medicinal marijuana company together, or a legal pharmaceutical company called ‘Elon Escobar Drugs Inc’.
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The letter reportedly continued:
I know you like to smoke. Me and Pablo smoked before. We can legally sell drugs together nowadays my friend, I know all about it. Easy business.
That was only the second option though; the first was for Musk to get in touch with Trump and get him to pardon Roberto. Why? Because the Escobar Inc. founder wants to come to America and build a company together to ‘help… make Tesla profitable’.
The third option was slightly less generous, with Roberto saying ‘there is no solution three’ – only the first two. ‘Do these two things and we are good my friend,’ Roberto ends the letter before adding: ‘I am waiting’.
Roberto said carrying out either of the first two options will ‘solve any issues which we have’, leaving Musk in a tricky predicament.
Musk is yet to respond to the allegations or to Roberto’s proposals, so I guess we’d better watch this space.


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