Heinz to launch ‘Mayochup’ but it will be called ‘Saucy Sauce’

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Heinz Saucy Sauce will be available this month Credit: Heinz

Trademark laws prevented Heinz from using the same name in Europe as another company already owns it.

Heinz confirmed it would be bringing “Mayochup” to British shores back in March after a successful launch in the US last year.

The table sauce was so popular stateside that “Mayomust” – mayonnaise and mustard – and “Mayocue” – you guessed it, mayo and barbecue sauce – soon followed.

Let's not forget when Heinz also brought out a Cadbury Creme Egg-flavoured mayonnaise.

Saucy Sauce will be available exclusively at Tesco from August 23 and will cost £2.69  for a 400ml bottle.

Saucy Sauce contains 1.5g of salt and 12g of sugar per 100g, as well as 432 calories.

A 220ml bottle of Heinz Ketchup costs £1, while a 220ml squeezy Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise costs £1, both from Asda.

Buying these together will set you back £2, so you’ll be paying 69p more for the luxury of not having to mix your own with Saucy Sauce.


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